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Vicente Fox Quesada

The former Mexican statesman told Mr. Trump via Twitter that he was not welcome in Cancún or any other mexican territory. A sheer display of masculinity, power and the mark of a true alpha male. Trump,this beautiful Cancun. YOU ARE NOT WELCOME HERE. — Vicente Fox Quesada (@VicenteFoxQue) April 7, 2016 Hah, that will teach him! But the tough guy act didn’t last for long. A month later, Fox Quesada bowed down and apologized: The apology has been recorded in video, for all the world to see:   Sources:

Roger Ailes

The Fox News magnate allegedly used his position of power within the news network to go against Trump in the presidential debates, via tough questions asked by the moderator Megyn Kelly. But Trump had insider knowledge that could be used against Ailes. An so, appears that Trump put those secrets to use. But everyone makes mistakes, and a wise man must tell apart those that can be bullied, and those who can’t. Trump belongs to the latter category, and Ailes realized that in due time. Want proof? Roger Ailes just called. He is a great guy & assures me that “Trump” will be treated fairly on @FoxNews. His word is always good! — Donald J. Trump (@realDonaldTrump) August 10, 2015 Sources: