The Trump Curse is known as the sudden and apparently supernatural occurrence of misfortune, tragedies and/or general bad luck onto those who publicly badmouth, slander or disparage the now 45th president of the United States of America, Donald J. Trump.

At first it began as something that could be attributed to chance, coincidence or sheer bad luck. But over time, the list of personalities affected by these has grown exponentially. And while we do not believe in the supernatural, it is easy to see a pattern here.

The Trump Curse will help connect the dots on these events, however weird the connection may be.

While this blog does not stand with or against any of these individuals, nor DJT, it aims to portray these events in the most consistent and timeliness way as they have been happening over time.

Special thanks to our contributors. If you hear or read about any new “curses”, please submit them through this form or shoot us an email at: hi@trumpcurse.com

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~TTC Staff